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All's Well That End's Well

25 July 2017



Rich young Lord Bertram comes under the dying king’s protection when his father dies. But when he goes to the court he leaves behind Helena, a servant girl who is desperately in love with him. She follows him and cures the king. In return she claims Bertram as a husband, but he has no time for a servant. Forced by the king to marry her, he runs off to the wars straight after the ceremony, and says he will never sleep with her until she is carrying his child. But Helena has a plan....

Local actors from Outspoken Theatre Company return to East Town Park as part of their 16th annual Shakespeare production tour. It follows on last year’s performance of Hamlet, acclaimed as “superb”, “compelling”, “haunting” and “electrifying” (Christopher James, winner of the National Poetry Competition).


Rock Dog (PG)

28 July 2017

Cardboard Carnival

08 August 2017

Churchill (PG)

08 August 2017

My Cousin Rachel (12A)

14 August 2017

Despicable Me (U)

14 August 2017

Hampstead (12A)

15 August 2017

Little Red Robin Hood

17 August 2017

Alone in Berlin (12A)

18 August 2017

A Man Called Ove (15)

24 August 2017

The Last Word (15)

25 August 2017

Yerma NT Live broadcast

31 August 2017

Live Wire, The AC DC Show

01 September 2017


05 September 2017

Wrong Stewart and the Farces

08 September 2017

Steve Smyth

10 September 2017

Tapestry, starring Nicki Dee

14 September 2017

The Searchers

22 September 2017

Raymond Froggatt

23 September 2017

State of the Union

05 October 2017

Legally Blonde

17 October 2017

John Illsley and his Band

10 November 2017

Forbidden Nights

17 November 2017


18 November 2017

Limehouse Lizzy

24 November 2017


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