POSTED: 11th January 2019 11th Jan 2019

This and That


WIN two cinema tickets to see a film of your choice at the arts centre. All you have to do is play a simple game of Pictionary …

Try and match the pictures up with events in both the cinema and live brochures.

Cinema brochure:

Live brochure:

If you think you have guessed them all all send your answers by the 17th of January to

The answers will then be posted here and the winner drawn out of the hat.

Some clues:

A appears in both brochures
B is in the live brochure only
C is also only in the cinema brochure;
D: look carefully at the time in which is a live event;
E is a live event too, study the structure as it may remind you of a nearby landmark;
F appears in both brochures;
G think silver screen


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