The Lehman Trilogy (recorded)

Cinema Thu 15 Aug 2019 7:00PM

A play in three parts, it traces the astronomical rise and devastating fall of the family responsible for changing the global financial landscape. 3 hours 40 minutes, including two intervals

Running time: 220 mins


  • 15th August 2019 | 7:00PM
    Prices: : £16.50 | Student: £10.50 | Members/Concs: £13.50

Beginning with a dream of a better life in 1844 New York, the story sees three brothers lay the foundation for a financial empire which will go from strength to strength. It traces the generations as the brothers’ sons and grandsons enter the scene, going on to capture the firm’s eventual bankruptcy and the ensuing economic crisis of 2008 which reverberated around the world.

The Lehman Trilogy was written by Italian playwright Stefano Massini and adapted by Ben Power. The original had its premiere at Milan’s Piccolo Teatro in 2015 and counted Power among its audience. The English version is co-produced by Neal Street Productions with the National Theatre.

Simon Russell Beale (Mr. Foote’s Other Leg), Adam Godley (Close of Play) and Ben Miles (Mary Stuart) reprise their roles.

The set design is the work of Es Devlin while costume design is courtesy of Katrine Lindsay. Video design is by Luke Halls, lighting design comes from Jon Clark and music and sound design is by Nick Powell. Candida Caldicot contributes music direction; movement is by Polly Bennett.

Expansive and poetic, The Lehman Trilogy takes a fascinating look at the rise and fall of an empire. With a top-notch cast and creative team, it’s a production that deserves every one of its rave reviews. Catch it at Piccadilly Theatre with tickets available for performances from 11 May 2019 for a strictly limited 12-week run.

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