Rory’s Way (12A)

Cinema Tue 9 Jul 2019 7:30PM

Running time: 107 mins


  • 9th July 2019 | 7:30PM
    Prices: : £6.50 | Concessions: £5.50

DIRECTORS: Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis, USA 2018
DURATION: 1 hour 47 minutes
STARRING: Brian Cox, Rosanna Arquette, JJ Field, Thora Birch

Based on the bestselling novel by José Luis Sampedro, Rory,
a rugged old Scotsman, reluctantly leaves his Hebridean island and
travels to San Francisco to seek medical treatment. Moving in with
his estranged son, Rory’s life is transformed through a newly found
bond with his baby grandson.


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