Marty Wilde (2020)


Marty is still touring the nation’s concert halls and getting a great reaction from audiences up and down the country. His own show, “Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll“, in which he performs with his Wildcats has received wonderful critical acclaim, and has not only attracted his original fans, but a whole host of new ones who are just discovering the man and his individual brand of Rock n Roll. The show has acquired a cult status and is definitely one not to be missed.

Collectors are showing a lot of interest in Marty’s records at the moment. In a long recording career, he has produced many singles and albums, and these are now fetching high prices, prime examples of the best of pre-Beatles British Rock and Pop.

His first few releases on Phillips issued at the end of the Fifties are now pretty scarce, but even some of his later releases which can still be picked up if you look for them – are starting to attract attention.


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