Enter the Dragons

Comedy Thu 21 Nov 2019 7:30PM

Age Recommendation: 16+


  • 21st November 2019 | 7:30PM
    Prices: : £10.50 | Concessions: £8.50

An award-winning, funny, frank and fearless look at the pressures facing women as they age. Ideas about beauty, sex and feminism are subverted in a hilarious, tightly written (and sometimes ribald) 60 minute performance. For ages 16+

Enter The Dragons is a hilarious award-winning theatre show written and performed by Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards. The performance takes a frank, funny and fearless look at the subject of female ageing, examining the concerns and societal pressures that surround women as they pass fifty…

The archetypal Hero’s Journey is reclaimed and re-framed from the perspective of the mature woman. Banished from the land of the young, and beset by challenges, riddles and obstacles, our Protagonist must navigate this weird landscape, guided by mystical creatures and Seers who have gone before. Expect fantastical characters, ridiculous puppetry, extreme wigs, physical comedy and delightfully dark humour. Sixty minutes of laugh-out-loud joy, dissent and touching humility for anyone who is considering ageing…

A Guardian Best Show Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards are a brilliant comedy coupling: the writing is sharp as a witch’s nose, the performance as sparkly as Cinderella’s silver slippers. A fabulously entertaining evening.
Total Theatre

They marry hilarity and sincerity with such remarkable precision.
Broadway Baby – WINNER Bobby Award, Brighton Fringe 2017

Utterly hilarious, simply ingenious.
Reviews Hub

Totally unapologetic, brilliantly outrageous. A flawless show
Three Weeks

Uproariously funny and unexpectedly uplifting
Funny Women

Q&A with the performers

What inspired you to write the show?
We felt that there was a lot of negativity about getting older. We know lots of funny, dynamic and stylish women over the age of 45, but we couldn’t see women like that represented anywhere. We wanted to write the show we would like to see: funny,ridiculous, surreal and that explores and celebrates getting older with optimism and joyful dissent

What do you hope audiences take away from the show?
We hope our audiences, whatever their age or gender,come away having had a really good laughand maybe shed a tear too. If they are inspired to embrace getting older, worry less, wear what ever they like, stop apologizing, behave badly and kick ageing up the arse then that’s fantastic.

Who is the show aimed at?
We’re all ageing all the time so we hope the show has a broad appeal. Even if you are not an older woman you know one: your mother, your aunt, your wife. Lots of young people have come up after the show and said how reassuring it was to hear a positive view of ageing.


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