POSTED: 31st July 2019 31st Jul 2019


August shut-down, what goes on.

Every year in August the curtain falls on the arts centre stage for our annual shutdown period. Have you ever wondered what goes on? Well, to keep the building safe and to ensure we give you the best experience we can, a major operation is taking place. Here’s what happens behind-the-scenes.

Thousands of tests are carried out. 100s of metres of cables are checked. 100s of items are checked.

• Every light, amp, cable and electrical circuit is tested and inspected
• All our rigging equipment inspected
• Everything gets cleaned

As we have so much stuff to check this operation takes some time! Although the shutdown takes place over one week it actually eight months of planning and 25 days of people-power to make sure everything gets done.

Traditionally this period is called ‘going dark’ because the lights are turned off! It’s been done in theatre for hundreds of years to allow for maintenance that can’t happen during the normal production schedule. It’s a time to stop focusing on the next show and focus on making the HAC fit and ready for the next 360 days.


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